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Monday, June 19, 2006

Smart Simon

Description: Simon says... Play that tune! ... Let Simon teach you to play some tunes. Just follow what Simon is playing, note for note.
Requirements: Smartphone and PPC (2003/WM5)
Last updated: June 19, 2006

Another freeware game written with compact framework for Windows Mobile devices (Smartphone and PPC), with OS 2003/WM5.

Simon will play some song phrases. All you have to do is to follow what notes Simon is playing. He will be playing each song phrase note by note, so that you will be able to follow correctly (hopefully!)

On each round, Simon will play initially a single note. Just play that note correctly, and Simon will increment the notes he's playing by one note until you complete the round by playing the song phrase correctly yourself.

There are three levels:

  1. Easy Level = Simon will be playing song phrases consisting of only 4 different tones.
  2. Medium Level = Simon will be playing song phrases consisting of 5 different tones.
  3. Hard Level = Simon will be playing song phrases consisting of 6 different tones.

On the first round of each level, Simon will play a song phrase with a maximum of 6 notes. If you make it on that round, you will move on to the next round wherein Simon will increment the number of notes on the song phrase he will be playing.

Just remember, if Simon says play the "blue note," just play the blue note.

NOTE: To play the colored buttons representing the musical notes, just tap on the screen of your PPC or (for Smartphone users) press the keys corresponding to the colored buttons, as follows:

  • key [1] = Red
  • key [4] = Orange
  • key [7] = Blue
  • key [3] = Green
  • key [6] = Violet
  • key [9] = Yellow

PPC WM5 (240x320) screenshots:

Just download the appropriate cab file below and install on your device.

  • Download Smart Simon for Smartphones (117 kb)
  • Download Smart Simon for PPC (177 kb)
  • or, visit to download Smart Simon.


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