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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


SmartScheme is a color scheme maker and color scheme editor that you can use directly on your Smartphone SP 2003 / 2003 SE devices.
Requirements: SP 2003/2003 SE
Last updated: 2003

Note: This is the first Smartphone application i ever released. This app is written using eVB for Smartphones (hack by John Cody -

Ever downloaded a cool homescreen but didn’t really like the color scheme used or probably would like to edit a particular color attribute? Normally you would edit the home.xml file using a text editor in your PC or Smartphone. And in editing, you would have to know the Hex values of the specific color you would like to use… quite a task! Alternatively, you can create your own color scheme, again using a text editor or any available PC utility on creating a color scheme such as Theme Generator. But, you need a PC for this.

SmartScheme 2003 is a color scheme maker and color scheme editor that you can use directly use on your Smartphone SP 2003 devices. Choosing a specific color is simplified via a built-in palette, or advanced users can just specify the RGB components of the colors they want to use. Moreover, you can directly edit the color scheme of downloaded homecreens, and even EXPORT the color scheme to a color scheme file.

You can use the color schemes created using this utility by choosing Start > Settings > Home Screen > Color Scheme.

  • Download SmartShceme (420kb including eVB runtimes)

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