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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bluetooth Apps...

So, i guess my test app, BT Chat works. Although i may still have to write a PPC version for that one and another that works on WM5 devices.

Nothing new about this one really. It isn't even my idea. But this is actually just the beginning. I plan to write BT games with the knowledge of communicating with other devices via Bluetooth. First one would be BT Chess. Hmmm... hope i can get enough feedback on BT Chat before first week of April. But then again, i already started with BT Chess nonetheless. :-)

I welcome any suggestions... ;-)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

airfagev BT Chat

Description: Chat with SP2003/2003SE users over Bluetooth!
Requirements: SP 2003/2003 SE (176x220 and QVGA) and PPC2003/2003SE with MS BT Stack
Last updated: March 28, 2006

Now you can chat with your fellow Smartphone and PPC users over Bluetooth!

This has been a long overdue project of mine. I started playing around with programming using the MS BT stack last October 2005. The first draft of this BT Chat was experienced by some members of airfagev during the Christmas eb last December 2005. And the program was tested on an Xphone2, Voyager, XDA Mini and XDAII. (Yes, this one works on a PPC 2003/2003SE! :-D)

As long as your device has a MS BT stack and is running on 2003/2003SE, this should work.

How to install? Just download the airfagev BT file below, extract on your PC, transfer to your device (e.g. Storage Card\Program Files\airfagev BT Chat\ folder), and run the airfagev BT Chat.exe (you may also want to create a shortcut of the exe file on your Start Menu.) Sorry, no cab file for this one.

If you already have airfagev mobile on your device, you may opt to download Just extract the zip file and place the extracted files on your airfagev mobile folder. And, just run the airfagev BT Chat.exe file (or create a shortcut on your Start Menu). In this case, you won't have to have two instances of the icon files used for the smileys on your device.

NOTE: If you want to chat and receive messages only from those BT devices you have already "bonded/paired" with, don't set your BT to "discoverable".

  • Download airfagev BT Chat (452 kb)
  • Download airfagev BT Chat without icon files (258 kb)
  • Good to be back...

    It's been quite a while since I have been posting around here. I guess everybody has to do "real work" once in a while. hehe. I have been quite busy with work lately. But, I guess I just have to find some time for this one.

    Oh, by the way, I have a new toy... an XDAIIs! :-D

    So, maybe, we will be seeing a few PPC apps in the next few months. :-)