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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Xtrail Beta

The object of the game is to stay "alive" as long as possible, forcing the opponent to crash along the walls or the "trails" you and your opponent create as you both move around the game board.
Requirements: SP 2003/2003 SE
Last updated: May 5, 2005

This is my first try in writing a game for the Smartphone using CF. I wrote this app when i was learning how to handle graphics using .net. It's crude and simple, but hey, I enjoyed doing this game; moreso, playing it! =)

I based this game to a game I used to play in grade school. I watched this really cool movie, Tron, which was quite a hit in my school. A few electronic games based on that movie came out, and I got one for Christmas! :-D ('Twas a long time ago... hehe)

Anyways, i released this as a beta thinking that I may soon be able to enhance it if a number of Smartphone users would appreciate it. But, I haven't got many feedbacks re this, so I opted to scratch the project... and think of something else. =)

I really think this game is cool, and a lot better than Snake (no offense hehe.) Try it and see for yourself...

  • Download Xtrail Beta (47kb)

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