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Friday, January 20, 2006

Tangram SP2003

Tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle game which uses 7 geometric pieces that forms a square. From these 7 puzzle pieces, several geometric shapes can be formed. All that is required is a little imagination!
Requirements: SP 2003/2003 SE
Last updated: June 2005

This game was my second try in coming up with a game for the Smartphone.

I saw my niece playing with her Tangram pieces made of plastic. I borrowed it and tried solving a few puzzles. And I thought it was really challenging. So, I decided to make a puzzle game like it for the Smartphone. I soon discovered that designing the application for the Smartphone was even more a challenge! I had to review Geometry and Trigonometry. It took me a couple of sleepness nights learning how-to's such as, how do I know if a point is inside or within the perimeter of a polygon, how to do I know if a polygon is inside or intersects another polygon, how do I compare polygons (how do I know if the puzzle is solved!), rotation, translation, union, etc... Mathematics is about 75 per cent of the programming... It wasn't as easy as I thought!

Anyways, I was able to figure out all the Mathematics, surfed the net for Tangram puzzles to solve, and I came up with 99 puzzles included in the Tangram SP version. I'll be adding more soon...

Try this game and see how many out of the 99 puzzles included you can solve.

  • Download Tangram SP2003 (37kb)

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