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Friday, January 20, 2006


The classic "card match" game on your Smartphone... with a twist! (See the animations )
Requirements: SP 2003/2003 SE (176x220 and QVGA)/WM5.0
Last updated: July 2005

This game was suggested by Rey Vegafria of (the site wherein all my freeware apps were released. hehe.) That was the time when I was practicing graphics programming using I knew the game is simple to play, and simple to program, so I added a twist... and made the icons animated! Now, that's a challenge for .NETCF programmers.

I also designed the program to be "universal" in the sense that any device having the .net framework would make it run. So I even added mouse_click support so it could be played using a PPC or even a PC! As long as the device has .net framework, it will run...

[Note: Tested on XDAII/XDA Mini/Tornado(SP WM5)]

Try it and see how the animations make this simple game even more exciting. The game looks even better with QVGA devices.

  • Download SmartPairs (445kb) - .cab file for Smartphones 2003 up (including WM5)

  • Download SmartPairs (445kb) - .zip file containing .exe file which can be run on any device with .net framework such as SP and PPC. Just copy the exe file to your device and run.

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