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Friday, January 20, 2006


A Start Menu replacement for Smartphone SP2003/2003 SE devices similar to the grid-style Start Menu of WM5.0 Smartphones, with more options for customization.
Requirements: SP 2003/2003 SE (176x220 and QVGA)
Last updated: October 18, 2005

Get the feel of WM5.0 grid-style Start Menu on your Smartphone SP 2003/2003 SE devices! You have the option to make gStart as your default Start application.

This is quite a programming task for me, considering the many limitations of 2003 on mobile device programming. I particularly had a difficulty in getting the handle and displaying program icons using .net compact framework. But hey, patience and perseverance pays! (and a lot of sleepless nights...) [=)]

I was really overwhelmed with the popularity of this application. I received a lot of emails requesting versions of this app in Deutsche, Nederlands, Italiano, and Español. With the help of some friends on the translations, I was able to add language packs.

How to install? Download the cab file below and install on your device. Next, download a language pack and install. Re-start gStart to see changes on the language.

  • Download gStart (209 kb)
  • Download English language pack (1 kb)
  • Download Deutshce language pack (1 kb)
  • Download Italiano language pack (1 kb)
  • Download Nederlands language pack (1 kb)
  • Download Español language pack (1 kb)

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